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New Foster Bunny – Snickerdoodle

January 22, 2011

I’ve got a new bunny.  It’s a baby (possibly Flemish) and we’re not sure if it’s a boy or girl yet.  Tentatively it’s named Snickerdoodle.  I’m looking to rename it Coco Chanel if it’s a girl and I’m still drawing a blank if it’s a boy.

Here’s its story as told by the woman who rescued the bunny, Emily:

To be frank, she had been owned by some … people who got sick of her and let her “escape” outside in early December.  It took the landlord a couple weeks to coax her into a Have-A-Heart trap.  She came to me on Dec. 19th.

I’m so glad Emily took care of her for a month and she traveled all the way from Vermont to Massachusetts today.  She’s healthy and already she’s exploring her new condo.  She’s sharing the top bunk of Bunji’s condo, which was built to be modular so that it can house anywhere from 1 to 4 buns if necessary.

She’ll be taken to the vet next week for a checkup and sexing.  When she gets older, she will need to be spayed but she needs to get bigger first.

For the time being, I have moved the bunny webcam to monitor her.  Once I get my new webcam, it will be placed back on Ginger and Juju so everyone gets equal air time.

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  1. Jean P. (HRN volunteer) permalink
    January 27, 2011 3:40 pm

    CoCo Chanel is a very stylish name for such a pretty bunny.
    Glad she’s settling in. Good luck!

  2. August 5, 2011 1:56 pm

    So precious! You can tell by the size of her feet and ears that she’s gonna get really big… but that means they tend to be very quite and she’ll lounge around in the shade. Feel free to ask me if you have any nutritional questions.\

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