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Pimp My Rabbit Condo

October 4, 2010

Since the last time I updated, bonding Bunji with my other two bonded pairs, Ginger and Juju, failed.  They got along OK but only to the extent that they would tolerate each other.  If they’re not in love and happy, then what’s the point of forcing them together.

When Bunji came back from her bonding, Joey and I decided to spruce up her living situation since she won’t be living with Ginger and Juju.  Up to this point, Bunji has been confined to an X-pen.  Ginger and Juju also lives in a pen but theirs is HUGE.  So one day, Joey  and I built Bunji her own condo.

That is a NIC condo 8 cubes across, 2 cubes deep, and 4 cubes high.  It has ledges and split levels on the 2nd floor.  It is currently one big condo, but can be easily partitioned into 2 condos or 4 separate condos.  It is built to be modular so that if there’s a rescue or fostor bunny, we can easily house them.

On the other side of the basement is where Ginger and Juju live.  We won a Leith Petwerks Vacation Villa at the House Rabbit Network’s Flatbread Fundraiser.  We decided to give it to Juju to play with.  Ginger, even though she’s really too heavy and big to be in the Villa, has also taken a liking to it.

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