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Ginger – a eulogy

June 20, 2012

I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on Ginger.  She was small and emaciated from being abandoned at a shelter but she was still the biggest bunny I’ve ever seen.  I liked her because she was big but I loved her because she was Ginger.  She was Ginger in the way that on her first day with me and in her new surrounding, she did a big belly flop and laid right down as if that had always been her home.  She was Ginger in the way that she would run to you every time she saw you because she wanted to say hi and then immediately demand cheek rubs.  She was so Ginger in the way that she was nothing like a bunny and even more human than a dog.

She was not my first rabbit but she was surely my favorite.  I know you’re not suppose to say that about your children but she was my favorite.  And she was my child in every sense of the word.  I might not have given birth to her but Joey and I gave her a home and a life she would’ve missed out on had she been killed at that shelter.  When she was sick, we took her to the doctor and gave her medication.  When she needed to be cared for, we took her to get her teeth trimmed every 4 months.  When was was untidy, we would yell at her and groom her.  And when I was sad, I would hold her and she would just let me hold her.  And when she needed me to know when it was time for her to go, I was there with her, holding her to let her know she was loved.  She was loved.

I remember trying to litter box train her so many times and even though I know she caught on, she just simply refused to go where I wanted her to go.  But that was Ginger and that was OK.  I remember having to take her to get her teeth trimmed, 45 minutes away every 4 months and then having to pick her up after work during rush hour.  But she was Ginger and it was OK.  I remember the weeks it took to bond her with her soul mate, Juju.  How they didn’t get along to begin with and eventually they became inseparable.  I remember yelling at her all the time when she bullied Juju because he was smaller.  But that was just Ginger and it was OK.

I am so thankful to Emily for rescuing her in that kill shelter 4 years ago.  Without that act of kindness, Ginger would’ve never known the great life that awaited her and that she enjoyed with us these past 4 years.  And without that act of kindness, I would’ve known a little less love.

I was once told that there’s a word in the English language – orphan-  for a child who loses their parents because it’s natural for a child to survive their parents.  There is no world in the English language for a parent who loses their child because the thought is too horrible to bear.  Ginger was every bit my child.  She was a part of my routine, my life, my heart.  I miss her and I will miss her.  I will see her on the other side of the rainbow bridge.


Coco Chanel’s First Vet Visit

January 28, 2011

Coco Chanel had her first vet visit last night.  There is official confirmation that she is indeed a girl.  What’s surprising (I had my doubts at first) is that the vet confirmed to me that she’s probably not a Flemish Giant mix since she looks like she’s fully grown and also, she’s probably older than 3-4 months.

Judging from the state of her teeth, they’re fully grown and also they’re not pure white.  That says that she’s not as young as 3-4 months.  What her exact age is, we’ll never know.

We do know that she’s a healthy 4.5 pounds.  We’re going to keep her for a month and monitor her weight just to make sure she is indeed fully grown.  If she doesn’t gain much weight in the next month, then she’ll be all set to get spayed in March.  Until then, Coco will enjoy her time in her new condo eating lots of hay and fresh veggies.  She’ll be living the bunny high life.

Bunny’s got back.

It’s A Girl! CoCo Chanel

January 22, 2011

It’s a girl!  Snickerdoodle, who has now been renamed CoCo Chanel or CoCo for short is definitely a girl.  She was properly sexed tonight.

She’s enjoying her first night in her new home and her dinner.

New Foster Bunny – Snickerdoodle

January 22, 2011

I’ve got a new bunny.  It’s a baby (possibly Flemish) and we’re not sure if it’s a boy or girl yet.  Tentatively it’s named Snickerdoodle.  I’m looking to rename it Coco Chanel if it’s a girl and I’m still drawing a blank if it’s a boy.

Here’s its story as told by the woman who rescued the bunny, Emily:

To be frank, she had been owned by some … people who got sick of her and let her “escape” outside in early December.  It took the landlord a couple weeks to coax her into a Have-A-Heart trap.  She came to me on Dec. 19th.

I’m so glad Emily took care of her for a month and she traveled all the way from Vermont to Massachusetts today.  She’s healthy and already she’s exploring her new condo.  She’s sharing the top bunk of Bunji’s condo, which was built to be modular so that it can house anywhere from 1 to 4 buns if necessary.

She’ll be taken to the vet next week for a checkup and sexing.  When she gets older, she will need to be spayed but she needs to get bigger first.

For the time being, I have moved the bunny webcam to monitor her.  Once I get my new webcam, it will be placed back on Ginger and Juju so everyone gets equal air time.

Pet Trusts for Massachusetts Rabbits (and other pets)

January 8, 2011

Great news for Massachusetts pet owners!  Starting April 7, 2011, pet owners in Massachusetts can start creating pet trusts for the care of their pets in addition to regular estate planning documents such as wills and power of attorneys.

In the past, before Massachusetts passed this law, people could only leave money outright to a person they trust to take care of their pet with no assurance that the money will be used for the care of the pet.  Money left to the pet directly was not allowed.

You might all remember the story of Leona Helmsley who left $12 Million in a trust for her dog.  Well, even though in the near future, Massachusetts will allow pet trusts, excessive money left to a pet will still not be allowed.  A judge will still have the power to lower the amount that’s in the trust to a reasonable amount to care for the animal.

For more information about pet trusts or trusts in general, visit my other blog:

Boston Estate Planning Blog

Pimp My Rabbit Condo

October 4, 2010

Since the last time I updated, bonding Bunji with my other two bonded pairs, Ginger and Juju, failed.  They got along OK but only to the extent that they would tolerate each other.  If they’re not in love and happy, then what’s the point of forcing them together.

When Bunji came back from her bonding, Joey and I decided to spruce up her living situation since she won’t be living with Ginger and Juju.  Up to this point, Bunji has been confined to an X-pen.  Ginger and Juju also lives in a pen but theirs is HUGE.  So one day, Joey  and I built Bunji her own condo.

That is a NIC condo 8 cubes across, 2 cubes deep, and 4 cubes high.  It has ledges and split levels on the 2nd floor.  It is currently one big condo, but can be easily partitioned into 2 condos or 4 separate condos.  It is built to be modular so that if there’s a rescue or fostor bunny, we can easily house them.

On the other side of the basement is where Ginger and Juju live.  We won a Leith Petwerks Vacation Villa at the House Rabbit Network’s Flatbread Fundraiser.  We decided to give it to Juju to play with.  Ginger, even though she’s really too heavy and big to be in the Villa, has also taken a liking to it.

Bun-Sitting Sir-Hops-A-Lot

August 3, 2010

I’m bunny sitting Sir-Hops-A-Lot aka Hoppy aka Hopsie.  He was with us last month as well when his human, Mark, went away for his wedding.

You might notice that he’s got a busted leg in the picture.  Hopsie is about 9 years old and in bunny years, that’s pretty old.  He’s got arthritis in his hind quarters which makes him not able to move his back legs as much.  This also creates a problem for his bathroom habits so that’s why he’s on puppy training pads.  Despite being on the training pads, he still has trouble moving about when he pees or poops so he also requires nightly butt baths.  We basically take him, and run his butt under the facet to clean him out.  He doesn’t seem to like it and in fact, he bit me tonight but at least he’s clean for the day.

Due to his medical conditions, we’ve got to feed him gloucosamine to help his arthritis (which we put in a banana) and also syringe feed him meloxicam.

All the bunnies get their veggies and we call it a night.